Quality certificates

NuaDHA 1000 has the “5 IFOS stars” quality mark.

Internationally, various organizations are involved in supervising the quality and safety of many of the food products that we eat. The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are two of the most relevant institutions. However, there are organizations that are more specialized in the quality of specific food products, such as the International and Independent Organization IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) based in Canada (Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc.). IFOS is specialized in supervising the quality and purity of commercial omega-3 food supplements and its quality criteria is one of the most rigorous of all.

The IFOS system grants a quality certification based on fulfilling different analytical categories. The highest quality products will obtain the maximum scoring: the 5 IFOS stars.

IFOS means: purity, safety, concentration and stability.

The criteria to fulfill under the IFOS system are:

1 star = pass CRN and WHO controls.

1 star = omega-3 content > 60%.

1 star = oxidations levels < 75% of CRN standards.

1 star = PCB’s levels< 50% of CRN standards.

1 star = Dioxins levels < 50% of WHO standards.

The IFOS analysis can detect the presence of contaminants such as PCB’s, dioxins, furans as well as heavy metals (ie. mercury, lead, arsenic or cadmium). It also assesses the oxidative status of the oil (which relates to its stability). In addition, it also measures the concentration of omega-3 in the product and certifies its compliance which the amount stated on the label. The official standards from CRN, WHO and GOED (Global Organization for EPA and DHA) are used as a reference by the IFOS testing panel.

IFOSNuaDHA 1000 and NuaDHA 500 have successfully passed all the quality and purity standards of the IFOS program (carried out by Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc.) achieving the “5 IFOS stars”.

Therefore, NuaDHA 1000 is the first product of its type (min.1000 mg DHA/softgel) ever to obtain the quality stamp from IFOS. Similarly, NuaDHA 500 is one of the first omega-3 chewable to obtain this quality certificate.

IFOS NuaDHA 1000



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