NuaDHA 1000 NuaDHA 500
2-3/week 1/day or 5 week
Children (0-1 yr) 2/week
Children (1-3 yrs) 1 at alternate days
Children (3-9 yrs) 1 at alternate days
(at times, 1/day)
1/day o 5 week
From 9 yrs+ & Adults 1-2/day 2/day

Remark: NuaDHA 1000 can be opened and its content emptied in a yogurt or vegetable blend. NuaDHA 500 is a lemon chewable format for children (min. 500 mg pure DHA/capsule) for young children (> 3 yrs to avoid choking) or people with problems to swallow. It can be swallowed, chewed or emptied into a blend. Choose whichever format suits best.

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